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Progress Diagram

I saw on a couple of web pages, the outline of the RV-7A with some colors indicating what's been complete, started, etc. So I decided to do the same. 

Here it is! 

  White hasn't been started.
  Blue means started but not yet complete.
  Red is complete.

RV-7A Save-O-Meter

OK, You guys at Van's, See this chart? When the blue bar reaches the 100% mark, I'll be ordering!

Not much in the way of a schedule yet. I need to clean out the garage, (The Shop) and save money for the Empennage kit. I did order the preview plans however and I've been reading them every night. I Just Can't Wait To Build This Airplane! 

Here's some pictures of the plans

Book closed

Book opened


If you think I'm a bit off posting pictures of the preview plans book (open AND closed) well... perhaps I am.

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Last updated: September 30, 2004.